Being a hot pursuit discussion for decades, although in writing and voices VoIP has gained significant importance, but till today across the globe a gap between end user and VoIP usage is clear. Possessing a great “utility” in it VoIP has not reached grass root level consumer globally. VoIP is seen as a fruit of Information Technology in telecommunication perspective, reducing time and cost factor, supporting effective communication in a globalized world. Although the producer claim a rise in market but, the product with so many functionalities still has not reached every house globally. This article explains the awaiting opportunity of VoIP for user.

Voip termination simply is call over internet, it connects the functionality of regular phone with the internet, using a modem or a jack. VoIP assist the end user to have low cost calls locally and internationally with a small monthly subscription, Strong internet connection is base of VoIP, in presence of strong and reliable Internet connection one can enjoy the features of phone with some more functionalities at lower cost. At small monthly subscription user can enjoy unlimited incoming and outgoing calls at cheaper cost.

User might be surprised to hear that they enjoy free unlimited calls for whole month, at small monthly fee across the globe, question that might be arising in your mind “How so affordable”? Tax rate on Internet transaction is much lower than that imposed on telecommunication companies. End user that uses to pay phone companies large amount for international calls, can now enjoy unlimited calls for whole month around the world, for a very small amount.

VoIP is not stand alone package rather is a bunch of benefits for end user, along with simple features of “Phone Company”, it carries the extra features such as web mobility, managing over voice mail and conference calls. Many readers might be thinking of its static or mobile nature, VoIP invites user more attractively as it can be carried along any where you go, by connection of modem and number that has been built. Any where any time you can be accessed on the same number.

VoIP has removed distances by allowing loved ones to remain in contact throughout the day, families and businesses being at multi stations can now be at one stop virtually using VoIP. Global economic competition is now facilitated solving resource problems. VoIP facilitates every sector and nature of businesses, removing an issue of “lack of funds” in the path of communication. It supports globalization and effective communication removing time axis, connecting anyone anywhere, to rest of world. Using VoIP companies have opened back offices at places where human resource is available at low cost, thus making a win –win situation. Many organizations and individuals are benefiting from fruits of VoIP; back office agencies at multi location around the world can conduct businesses.

VoIP has opened the door of communication removing all sorts of barriers and hurdles, for us. How much one can benefit from? Is a question that remains with utilization of VoIP?.